A ver, ista e a outra mensaxe de Rodrigo... como vedes, xa vai dando
algunha data :-)

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> Ok, I have send them a translation of all this to them, but they are 
> starting to ask questions, for example, when would you want all this 
> finished? maybe you have an schedule :-?

well, Conectiva Linux 5.0 will be released in march, but I think abril
would be a good month to have the translations finished.

I've heard about an expo in spain around that date. I think it'll be a
good time to show the system. If we can have the product ready do sell in
this time will be really good. If we can't, it's good to have the system
to show.

> > We have 2 manuals to translate (Conectiva Linux instalation and user's
> > guide) that are about 700 pages in total.
> People has asked me if they could form groups for the translation.

Ok, but we need to have a coordinator to be sure that the whole manuals
are translate in the same way.

> Well, just tell you that all of us are students, and even tough some of us
> may well dedicate more time to the translation if they are paid for it,
> some others wont, and will continue doing it on their free time, wich at
> this days (we are on exams) is not too much, as for now 3 or 4 people 
> have said that they'd like to dedicate more time to this if they were 
> paid, but I'm not sure if their parents will agree on this.

ok, let's try to work with the best to all the people.


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