Quoting Jacobo Tarrio (jtar...@trasno.net):
> Package: newt
> Severity: wishlist
> Tags: l10n
> The PO file is attached below. It has no 8-bit characters... :-)
> Put in it the copyright license you wish -- I don't mind for such a small
> work :)

Hmmm, I just sent the file submitted by Hector as another bug report.

There were differences:

> #: dialogboxes.c:43 dialogboxes.c:48 dialogboxes.c:493
> msgid "Ok"
> msgstr "Aceptar"

Hector used "Sí" here. I'm under the impression that "Aceptar" is more
appropriate. As I mentioned in the list, this is meant for ack'ing
dialog boxes so "Accept" seems better than "Yes" for me.

> #: dialogboxes.c:51
> msgid "Cancel"
> msgstr "Cancelar"
> #: dialogboxes.c:498
> msgid "Yes"
> msgstr "Si"

Why not Sí with the acute accent ?

I'll handle merging the bugs but we need you, Galician people, to sort
out the issue....

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