O Domingo, 21 de Novembro de 2004 ás 09:04:36 +0100, Christian Perrier escribía:

> > msgid "Ok"
> > msgstr "Aceptar"
> Hector used "Sí" here. I'm under the impression that "Aceptar" is more
> appropriate. As I mentioned in the list, this is meant for ack'ing
> dialog boxes so "Accept" seems better than "Yes" for me.

 Yes, in fact, "Aceptar" is the conventional translation for "Ok" in
Ok/Cancel situations.

> Why not Sí with the acute accent ?

 "Sí" with acute accent is Spanish (it takes the accent to distinguish it
from "si", which means "if").

 In Galician, it doesn't take an accent.

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