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> Un apunte moi clarificador sobre os gtk-* stock icons para tradutores e 
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E en que parte se le iso?

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> Subject: Ubuntu Translation bug handling process
> Date: Thu, 3 Dec 2009 20:27:54 +0100
> From: Sense Hofstede <se...@qense.nl>
> To: Ubuntu Bugsquad <ubuntu-bugsq...@lists.ubuntu.com>, Ubuntu Translators 
> <ubuntu-translat...@lists.ubuntu.com>
> Hello,
> Browsing the BugDay of this day[1] I can't help but feel that a lot of
> these bugs have appeared on the list because the ubuntu-translators
> project doesn't want to use or cannot set importance and the Triaged
> status. I suspect the latest.
> This means that the status of the bug reports that are mainly handled
> by Ubuntu Translators will continue to pop up on search results like
> the one used for the lists of this BugDay.
> The triaging process for translation bugs is further complicated by
> the requirement to report it both against the source package of the
> affected application and the ubuntu-translations project. This forces
> us to maintain two sets of statuses, each subject to the rule of a
> different team. This causes confusion.
> Then there is the problem of the difference between translations made
> at Launchpad and translations made upstream. Some bugs have to be
> fixed here, some have to be forwarded upstream.
> I suggest to make the process of reporting more clear by implementing
> the following changes:
> 1. The starting point of all translation bugs -- unless you know
> better already -- can still be the source package of the affected
> application.
> 2. No extra tasks for bugs in upstream translations, this only adds
> extra clutter to the overview, generates extra mail noise and
> generates more work and confusion.
> 3. Bugs in translations done at Launchpad should be reported against
> ubuntu-translations and keep the source package task, because:
> 4. The source package task is for maintaining the status of the bug
> concerning the system -- i.e. if the bug has been Triaged(=reported
> properly upstream or at ubuntu-translations) or if the Fix is Released
> -- the ubuntu-translations task should be for the status of the fix in
> Rosetta or the team only
> 4b. This means that translation bugs always need to be 'forwarded
> upstream', be it to real upstreams or to ubuntu-translations. This is
> what the triagers should focus on when triaging these bugs.
> 5. Responsible for setting the status in ubuntu-translations are their
> (appointed?) members, responsible for the source package task is Bug
> Control (and the Bugsquad). Some members of ubuntu-translations that
> are very active on Launchpad/Malone could be granted membership of
> Ubuntu Bugcontrol -- if they don't already are a member -- to make it
> easier for them to manage the source package tasks.
> 6. Use the Triaged status for the source package when the Bugsquad
> doesn't need to do any work on it anymore!
> These points don't add a lot of new stuff, but things would be a bit
> clearer if both teams would agree on them and integrate them into the
> documentation.
> [1] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay/20091203
> Regards,
> --
> Sense Hofstede
> /ˈsen.sɜː ˈhɒf.steɪdɜː/
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