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Data: 23/02/2014  21:07  (GMT+01:00) 
A xoseca...@gmail.com 
Asunto [Transifex] New announcement in project CyanogenMod 11 
Hi Xosé,
A new announcement has been added to the project CyanogenMod 11:
Discontinuation of CyanogenMod's Transifex project

Hi everyone Due to internal problems with the connection between CyanogenMod's 
source code and Transifex, we have decided to use an other online translation 
solution, namely Crowdin. We are currently creating a back up of the currently 
submitted languages and will import them once we finish our Crowdin project. We 
hope to see you back there! Regards, Marco Brohet CyanogenMod Translation 
The Transifex Robot
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