Gil Vidals wrote:
> snort_rule_dl isn't working any longer. I added rule 2003099 with danger
> level of zero and restarted psad and cleared out iptables and yet rule
> 2003099 kicks in and blocks my access:
>   # GV 20090726 - this rule triggers just by visiting the site on my laptop
> running ubuntu & firefox
>   2003099    0;
> Back in January 2007, a bug was found in psad where SID's added to
> snort_rule_dl were being ignored. You can see the post here:
> http://www.mail-archive.com/debian-bugs-clo...@lists.debian.org/msg127188.html
> I'm running this version of psad:
> [+] psad v2.1.5 (file revision: 2253)

It looks like it works fine for me with :

[+] psad v2.1.6-pre3 (file revision: 2267)

Enabling/Disabling SID 2003099 works as expected.

Could you give it a try?


Franck Joncourt
http://debian.org - http://smhteam.info/wiki/

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