i am using nmap for scanning NULL and XMAS

here is the log

XMAS log:

 src: 10.x.x.17 signature match: "SCAN nmap XMAS" (sid: 1228) tcp port: 765
Oct 28 21:03:38 firewall
psad: scan detected: 10.x.x.17 -> 10.x.x.22 tcp: [1-65389] flags: URG PSH
FIN tcp pkts: 2000 DL: 5

Null Scan log:
psad: scan detected: 10.x.x.17 -> 10.x.x.22 tcp: [1-65389] flags: NULL tcp
pkts: 1990 DL: 5

why Null scan didn't showed the signature against which this alert


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