>psad offers scan detection that is beyond what can be expressed within

> the signature set.  The NULL scan detection message was generated from
> the non-signature portion of psad.
actually i like the way it worked, it clear lots of my IDS/IPS concepts. so
i like to read it more in dept.

E.g like there is a signature file in psad directory. i saw the patterns of
signatures, how it detect the packet from the log. is there any file where
i can see those extra patterns for non signature detection.

> > why Null scan didn't showed the signature against which this alert
> > triggered.
> Having said the above, there is also a NULL scan signature that appears
> not to have fired, and I believe this is a minor bug that will be
> corrected in the next version.

yes, i observe that too, there was a Null signature which hasn't been
trigger. no problem i am fine as far as it is detecting, one way or another.

> Thanks,
> --Mike
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