I found this pdf about designing a test rocket engine written by some guy on
the arocket list today. It's old and conservative, but interesting.


In addition Paul Breed offered these tips:

If you want to make liquid propellant motors, plan on at least a year before
you ever consider flying something.
Everyone wants to start with something really cool, you will never finish
Start with a static test of chunk of pipe with a pipe cap and some simple
orfices on the end.
When you can ignite that, measure chamber pressure and run it long enough to
melt it,
you are ready to build a real rocket motor.
When you can reliably run the rocket motor over and over think about an
You should probably buy
Rocket propulsion elements by sutton and read it cover to cover.
also buy
Modern Engineering  for design of  liquid propellant rocket engines  by
Huzel and Huang.
A previous version of Huzel and Huang is available for free as a PDF,(look
for Nasa SP-125)
 I bought the book because five years ago it was  much easier to sit around
and read a book than a PDF.
With ereaders and pad devices the free PDF might be ok today.
Start participating with groups near you doing this sort of work.
If at all possible come to FAR and observe. (Four weeks ago we have 3
different liquid propulsion motors running on the same day)

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