> Hello Airframe Team, attached are a few snapshots of the first 
> proposed mounting technique for the new PC-104 flight computer 
> stack...

Sweet! I love it!

> Constraints:

It doesn't look like there's room for a fourth PCB on that stack. Is
that true? If not, could we add that possibility? It might turn out to
be very, very convenient to have a FC "breakout" board as a fourth board.

Also, how far apart is the heatsink from the C channel? Can we arrange
for it to be exactly one thickness of thermal interface material (TIM)?

> -There is no support on the top edges of the PCB. We could add foam 
> or other material to help handle upward loads (i.e. during recovery 
> and hitting the ground. However, this also means that if the battery 
> box pushes downward, those forces will be passed thru the PCB's, not
>  desirable.

.. which is why I wouldn't put anything up there. I bet we're OK, unless
we lawn dart, but we shouldn't design for that.

> There's also the question of how much of a moment can we apply to 
> those 0.6" standoffs, noting that they are 4-40 threaded.

Can we directly answer this question using SolidWorks coolness?


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