I don't think his instructions ever got onto the wiki. I'l go ahead and do
that. There are existing Linux instructions that I've used to get openocd to
program under Slakware/Linux. However, when Andrew and Bruce tried to do the
actual openocd programming in Debian, the FTDI driver was having problems
finding the USB device. I haven't heard if they every got that figured out.
Andrew/Bruce, any updates?


On 8/6/07, Barton C Massey <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Nice!  Thanks hugely for a cool piece of work.
> Did Bdale Garbee's instructions about how to build and run
> all this from Debian Linux ever get incorporated with your
> instructions?  I really don't want to get out Windows for
> this if I can avoid it...
>         Bart
> In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> you wrote:
> > FYI: FreeRTOS is now in the git repo. You should be able
> > to clone and compile. The version checked in has the
> > normal fixes to the Makefile, as well as the PWM code and
> > come preliminary GPIO helper libraries. I know there's a
> > handful of other people out there with various pieces of
> > code for some of the other hardware on the MCU so it might
> > be nice to get everyone to pitch in what they've written
> > so far :)
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