Mark meet Dave, Dave meet Mark!

Dave is doing the LPC firmware on the spin table, and Mark has 
volunteered to solder some stuff up. I'll let you two coordinate from here.

Dave, will you please create a ikiwiki page for all of this off of the 
avionics home page? I'm thinking under "Avionics Hardware/Software 
Tools". Go ahead and post all the junk I sent you (schematics, pictures, 
etc.) so that it's all in one place.

In terms of parts needed and such, Dave has the LPC2148 demo board and 
the three phase motor controller, and I have a bunch of connectors, 
ribbon cable, etc., the OR gate, LEDs, resistors, whatever the two of 
you don't have.

Oh, and if you want it, I'll help you two clean up the schematic as well.



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