Not so easy as that,  I have the unrouted layer turned on, I see most of my 
airwires.  What I don't see are the few where I specifically checked the 
"Airwires Hidden" box in the info description of the signal.  Since the 
Airwires are hidden,  I can't route my grounds, the route command won't select 
the pin.

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Hi Ken,

Click on "display", and then check "airwires" or "unrouted" (I forget
which it is).


Ken Zig wrote:
> I have ground and a couple of other signals that were fairly
> pervasive in my layout, so I hid the airwires on them while I worked
> on other parts.  Now I want them back, but I can't info them to
> uncheck the hide airwires box.  How do I un-hide hidden airwires?
> Rats tells me that they are hidden, but I don't see how to see them. 
> Thanks, Ken
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