(2009.05.23) kenz...@yahoo.com:
> [..] How do I un-hide hidden airwires?? Rats tells me that they are
> hidden, but I don't see how to see them.

Ordinarily there is at least one routed trace for a given hidden
signal. In that case just use the info command on that trace and
un-check "Airwires hidden".

If there are no traces with a given signal name on a board, that is the
signal is entirely airwires, then you will have to create a trace with
the desired signal name. Use this command:


And hit enter. Note the single quotes. (Change "GND" to whatever the
signal name is you are trying to create.)

Draw a wire by left-clicking, moving, and left-clicking again. Now there
is a trace on the board with the desired signal name, and you can use
the info command as before.

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