Cool, so C-band antenna development becomes critical real fast!


Andrew Greenberg wrote:
Wuhoo! And *whew*. That's great news.

So what's the easy and quick way to test the 802.11a functionality?
Should I go ahead and get another couple of these puppies so we can do
direct tests between them? Or should we try and dig up a 802.11a access
point somewhere? Anyone out there have an old 802.11a* access point out


Josh Triplett wrote:
We just tested the D-Link DWL-160 802.11abg USB device, and it seems to
work perfectly with Linux 2.6.30 and the in-kernel ar9170 driver.  We
successfully connected to an 802.11b network on the PSU campus, and this
email demonstrates that it can communicate. :)

As an added surprise, when we went to search for the firmware for this
card, we discovered that the ar9170 driver
<> has GPLed firmware
<>, buildable with an
SH2 toolchain.  (We haven't tried it yet.)

We haven't tested 802.11a yet, but we think this one's a winner.

- Josh Triplett and Jamey Sharp

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