Congrats to Varun, Pierre, and Tak: the FC carrier board works!

- I can talk serial to the TQM5200 and watch it boot.
- I can see that it correctly identifies the 4 GB flash drive.

.. and so far, that's it. Still to test: USB and CAN. There were issues,

- I screwed up soldering the LTM4629 micromodules. Should have baked the
solder in the vias-in-pads first. But Screaming Circuits fixed the
micromodules LGA for free (thanks guys!), and now they work.

- The MAX5902 in the front end was overcurrent triggering for no real
reason; turns out their spec for DRAIN in was terribly off. So I removed
a resistor from the drain path to the MOSFET, and now it works.

- The octal buffer for the LEDs had an active low input, but was tied high.

So, now on to making an official breakout board so we can test USB.


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