I have made some progress with the interrupt project I am working on. The 
micro-controller is responding to the push button interrupt but seems that it 
is not able to come out of the interrupt. I know that when a micro-controller 
responds to an interrupt it disables the interrupt but in my case it does not. 
The LED, which should glow just once when the button is pushed, turns on and 
off indefinitely. 

Last week Dave told that are a few problems with the ARM GCC compiler which 
made me think that may be the compiler isn't producing the correct epilogue for 
the interrupt function. I decided to declare the function attribute as "naked" 
and write the function prologue and epilogue myself. Should I embed the code in 
the interrupt handler or should I declare separate functions for prologue and 
epilogue respectively ? If I can embed the code how can I do that ? 
Are there any examples in the library that I can follow ?

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