Hi Ben,

> Does PSAS have access to the PSU Microwave Lab?

Yes, kind of: we can certainly get access to the microwave lab and use
their equipment, assuming we know what we're doing. Testing high energy
stuff isn't what their equipment is for, however.

> Can equipment be checked out for performance testing at a test range?

Not really: it can be, but we have to get insurance, and it's a *big*
hassle. Those test sets are in the > $30K range. Although there may be
some cheap surplus sets available we might have more access to,
depending on what you want to do.

> Water replaces oxygen and hydrogen as the stored fuel. Microwaves heat
> water vapor, separating the O-H2 bonds, and a nearly continuous spark
> keeps the mix burning.

Interesting! Let us know more when you can.

> These experiments ought to have emissions testing for safety, since the
> scaled versions of the two high-Q resonators and power induction
> apparatus might emit significant microwaves (and RF in the case of a
> full-size unit).

Yeah, that's probably an excellent idea. Is this all at 2 GHz regime? or?


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