We went fishing in the components bin and found enough of what we needed
to make some great progress.  Stuff we still need to track down:

L3 - HF70ACC201209-T

Stuff that is hackishly populated but should probably be replaced with
the right thing:

R38 - 400 ohm
R39 - 110 ohm
R40 - 900 ohm

The above resistors have approximate values (200+200 ohm, 100 ohm and
750+100 ohm, respectively) populated.  D2 was populated with an 80v
100mA switching diode which is probably totally wrong.

The amazing news is that Theo managed to get the board up and running
even with these less-than-ideal components.  It apparently doesn't crash
OpenOCD, which is an improvement from board #1.  And it is sending a
square wave to the red lead of the RGB LED which apparently means the
STM32 slave SPI is returning bits.  Hopefully this means it is actually
reading data from the GPS RF chip.

More testing will be done once we get L3 and D2 sorted.


On Sat, 2014-08-23 at 14:27 -0700, Andrew Greenberg wrote: 
> > Missing a few components: ...
> We should have most of those. Weird that we don't. I'll try swinging by
> Sunday with more parts!
> > I stuffed C25 and C62 with 10v 100nF caps even though Eagle says they
> > should be 50v.
> Yeah, that's actually bad, because we'll see 18V pretty regularly on
> that line. Let's switch those out.
> Andrew

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