A few big changes have been made in network land.

* The Flight Computer and other hosts connected to the Rocket Net Hub now
have a default route via tm3k.  There is a single static route for the RNH
itself via Launch Tower Computer.  This results in several things:
  - Commander is able to tell the RNH to turn on the FC
  - The NUC can not talk to picams or other hosts on the RNH without
turning on the FC
  - Streaming data directly from picam1 to NUC via tm3k just works
  - All hosts everywhere have Internet access as long as the NUC has Internet
  - All hosts everywhere use the same DNS so you don't need to remember IP
addresses if you don't want to

* There are more WiFi networks in the rocket room than you are used to:
  - "psas" provides direct connectivity to any rocket related hosts as
long as intermediary routers like tm3k and FC are powered up.  Use this
unless it is out doing field tests.
  - "psas-external" just provides Internet access.  Use this if "psas" is
not around, or you only want Internet.
  - "psas-tower-link" is for the NUC to talk to the LTC.  You should not
connect to this.
  - "KF7RAS" is the ad-hoc link between tm3k and FC.  This one is also not
for you.

Network monitoring setup is scheduled to begin Monday at 6pm.  The plan is
to start with Nagios and Cacti.


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