Hey, we built stuff today.  Two new jGPSv3 (or v3.1?) boards are nearly
ready for use.  The fancier COTS Venus 838 chips we added in this build
have a special mode for aircraft use and provide up to 50 position
updates per second.

What is done:
* Stuffed
* Baked
* Cleaned
* Connectored
* Smoke-tested

Still needed:
* We are short one voltage regulator for the CPLD, so board #3 won't
really be complete until that part is ordered.  Back when we were
debugging the first board, I tried to lift a leg on the regulator to
test some weird thing with the CPLD and the leg lifted out of the
* I programmed the STM32 on both new boards.  They did their fancy
bootup light show known as "whoop-whoop" with the terribly dim amber
Cylon.  The PHY came up and I could ping it.  But no UDP traffic came my
way.  It looks like my toolchain/Chibios still isn't quite right.  So we
need Theo to program these boards with his setup.
* I programmed the CPLD on board #2 without error.  Testing will be
easier with working code on the STM32.
* I tried holding Boot Select high and resetting the Venus 838, but
didn't get the amber light of life on either board.


On Wed, 2015-06-17 at 11:47 -0700, Andrew Greenberg wrote: 
> Hi everyone,
> The Venus838 GPS receiver ICs are in, which means we're now ready to
> stuff our two remaining jGPS receivers. We'll do this Friday at 1pm,
> starting in the rocket room and moving to the LID. hopefully see you there!
> Andrew

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