Hey folks,

We *need* to get more students set up in orgsync ASAP.  I misread the
deadline, and we are actually already past it.  I think they are going to be
flexible if we can get set up by the end of the week!

I've walked a few of our new members through it, and hopefully we've
streamlined the process a bit:

In preparation, you'll only need to have a little info ready: your name an
email address, your PSU ODIN ID and your student ID number.

It's at  http://orgsync.com  and the link below should drop you right into
the registration part.


You'll then click "join an org" in the upper left,

Click "organizations" on the right of Portland State University

Click "P" under Browse by Letter

Click "Join" to the right of Portland State Aerospace Society, about halfway
down the page

the password is picosat


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