Hi team! There are two conferences coming up that could use a healthy
dose of PSAS.

LinuxFest Northwest is April 24th and 25th, in Bellingham, Washington,
and they've invited us back for a second year: last year Maria, Sarah,
and I drove up to present the group's work in both a presentation and
the exhibit hall. It was a good weekend, and since Sarah and I can't
make it this time, I'd like to encourage somebody else to take a turn.
We need to let them know pretty soon if we're going to send anybody
this year.

Open Source Bridge is June 1st through 4th, here in Portland. I helped
out as a volunteer in 2009, their first year, and it turned out to be
an awesome conference. The call for talk proposals opened on Friday
and I've already submitted five proposals in hopes that they'll accept
one. :-) So I think people who aren't me should submit proposals about
the work you're doing on open source rocketry.

If you're interested in going to either of these conferences but not
quite sure how, let's chat. It's a lot easier than it sometimes seems.


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