Regarding vision system,

> >" - We should consider treating Vision as its own category of projects.
>> Documenting views on the way up is good for publicity, but I would
>> like to propose that for the next launch we attempt to get cameras on
>> every mechanical system."

> Although this would be very cool/useful, the spacial constraints of these 
> assemblies are extremely tight it would be difficult to fit a camera in that 
> could
> actually see anything meaningful.  That said, we have been talking about 
> adding a redundant potentiometer or two that would be able to report and 
> record any kind of mechanical failure/performance issue.

The spatial constraints for cameras are (literally) shrinking.  The best I’ve 
seen so far are 1: a CCD camera on an 11 mm round board, perhaps 10 mm thick 
and 2: an SD card recorder bare-board that’s 38 mm square x 18 mm thick.  This 
may bring internal/external video monitoring of mechanical systems into the 
realm of possibility.  I’m still looking for board cameras based on smartphone 

Perhaps this use of cameras would be more likely to get future project funding 
than a “publicity” video system ??

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