Hey guys,

I hope all is well!  I've been away from the group for a while but try to
keep up to date with the email chains.  :-)

Can anyone suggest a programmer to me with the skills to develop a post
processor for a CAM program?  I have a couple of sample files to get things

I have a vendor with an off the shelf CAM solution and a third party
hardware and software controller package.  What I need to do is have someone
help develop a post processor for the CAM solution that will take a one bit
bitmap image and convert it into a rastering file (just like a printer
works) in a file format that is specific to the control software.  The file
format is called .pgm but can be viewed and manipulated in any text editor.
Essentially, it's G-code (machine language) that is formatted for
proprietary hardware.  I have some sample files that should help things

The CAM company has developed a sample post processor that actually compiles
and runs in the controller, but they don't seem to have a grasp on the file
format that is required...(i.e. they didn't incorporate motion, etc.)
So...part of the work is done!  I need someone to work with the CAM company
to develop a functioning post processor...

Anyway; more details for anyone interested, but that is a quick and dirty
run down of the project.

Please let me know if you are capable and interested or if you know someone
who is.

Thank you!

Jim Cloer
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