Hi all,

I mentioned this at the last meeting, but if anyone is interested I'm
giving the standard "who we are" PSAS talk on Monday at 7:30 at OMSI
for the Rose City Astronomers.

If you're at all interested in astronomy this might be a good chance
to meet some other amateur astronomers in Portland and check out their
club. They have a pretty big membership and some really cool features,
such as a telescope library that members can borrow from, and an
actual library with more than 100 astronomy books also available to
check out.

Nothing new or exciting about me talking for 50 minutes about what
everyone here already knows: we build rockets :)

But still, if you'd like to come it'll be in the OMSI auditorium (near
the planetarium I think) at 7:30pm this Monday (the 19th)



Mars Science Laboratory is 60.85 million km from Earth (3.4 light minutes)
[====      ] 43.9% to Mars (142 days to go)

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