Hi all,

We've been looking hard at all the weather sources for two days and
decided the chances of having a good launch window are very low. It's
would be cold and windy while we try to set up Saturday, below
freezing overnight and half/mostly cloudy Sunday (TRA rules forbid
launching into clouds, we need clear skies). There is even a chance of
snow Sunday evening when we would pack up.

We concluded this is unacceptable launch weather. We are NOT going this

That means we don't have a launch this year. This is a big
disappointment, I know for myself and many others. I want to give a
huge thank you to everyone, especially over the last couple of weeks
for the hard work and overtime to get the rocket ready.  All that
effort was not in vain because we are in a really, really good
position for next year.

The good news:

The silver lining here is that we actually have a launchable rocket
system right now. This means that we can set a really early launch
data for the spring -- as soon as the weather turns nice again -- and
have an almost 100% chance of going. No more wishy-washy launch dates.

What we'll do this winter is to spend time fixing some of the little
last minute hacks with better solutions, cleaning up procedures and
software, implementing rocketracks, and some other back-burner projects.
But we'll keep the avionics system in a flyable state, so even if for
some reason we don't finish one of the fixes or new features, we'll
still have a launchable rocket in the spring.

This Tuesday we'll brainstorm some formal goals for the launch and
make a list of little projects that people can work on. We'll try and
write out a basic plan and timeline so we will be completely ready for
spring. Most likely we'll be looking at a mid-to-late May launch date.

Just a few more months and we'll have the best prepared launch ever!

Thanks again,

See you all Tuesday!


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