Attention all rocketeers

Oregon Rocketry has announced their Brothers launch dates for this
year!  The early one (in May) is too soon and doesn't fit well with
our schedule.

So we have picked to very next one:

    June 2nd, 2013

as our scheduled launch day! If you can, clear that weekend on your
calendars now. If you can't make it, uh, try to make it anyway? We can
discuss the date (objections, praises, etc) in this coming Tuesday's
meeting.  We're going to try and aim for a morning launch this time
(9:00 am) if we can.

This means we have 105 days to go, but more importantly only 15
Tuesday night meetings.

There is a lot to do still. We're trying to rally around the following
page as the main logistics page for the launch:

You'll find information here about what we intend to fly, some status
info, logistics discussion, and a countdown until the big day.

Lets go fly!


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