Hi all,

We met last Tuesday and we've decided that the study group will meet
every Tuesday at 6pm before the PSAS meeting, except we'll skip the
first Tuesday of every month when the Intro meeting takes place. We
plan to meet through December 15th and then take the holidays off.

Jamey gave his talk, The 20,000km view: How GPS works. The slides are
here: http://jameysharp.github.io/2014-osbridge-gps/

We decided that the group will basically figure out how to build a
software GPS receiver using the raw data we get from the GPS RF
Front-end board. We should have another board built next week so we're
going to go outside and get data, and then we'll be figuring out what
to do with the data from the bottom up, starting as low as "how to
work with RF signals?"

This includes stuff like tracking codes, the nav message, math for
getting a position fix, and working with direct sequence spread

If you're interested, this group is totally open to the public. Join us!


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