Motor: Go
Weather: Go
Launch Site: Go
Software: What could go wrong?

We're go for launch this Sunday!

Here's the timeline:

   - Now through Friday Evening we pack the rocket lab into PSU's trailer
   - Saturday Morning at 9:00 am everyone meets at PSU for a last minute
   - Saturday at 10:00 am a convoy leaves PSU for Central Oregon
   - Saturday at 3:00 pm we arrive at the Oregon Rocketry launch site
   - Saturday afternoon camp is set, launch infrastructure in place
   - Saturday night at 11:00 pm, star party! Great viewing in the desert
   - Sunday Morning at daybreak, coffee
   - Sunday Morning at 7:00 more coffee and launch prep
   - Sunday Morning at 9:00 rocket heads to launch tower (more coffee)
   - Sunday Morning at 10:00 am nominal launch time
   - As soon as the rocket is recovered we break down camp and head back to

If you're coming to the launch with us on Saturday:

We're meeting at 9:00 am behind the University Point Hotel just South of
the EB, here:,+-122.680280

If you're coming out on your own:

Directions to the Brothers launch site can be found here:

The physical location of the “green gate” off Hwy 20 (easy to miss) is as

43.823214, -120.637724

The 7-day forecast for Brothers at this point looks like it is going to be
fairly warm next weekend. Don’t forget to bring the following with you:

   - Water
   - Sunblock
   - Hat
   - Shade – easy-up, etc.
   - Did I mention water?
   - Camping gear (tent, sleeping bag, air mattress, etc.) if camping
   on-site with us Saturday night.
   - Flashlight/headlamp
   - Fire suppression equipment if you have it – fire extinguishers,
   shovels, extra water, etc.

If you're not coming:

Follow on twitter!

Watch telemetry live (maybe, experimental feature)

Any questions just ask me or Andrew!

Let's launch a rocket!

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