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Joseph Shields (shiel...@pdx.edu) invites you to participate in the
Doodle poll "MME GitHub tutorial."

  We need to do a tutorial on how to use Git and GitHub
for new MME types. This is important for retaining knowledge in the
group and bringing new people into the fold.
  If you are a new
MME/physics/other (basically not CS or ECE) person or someone who
would like to help give the tutorial, please indicate times that would
work well for you.
  This is going to be a simple little intro to
Git and GitHub for people who have never used version control and/or
touched the command line before. The idea is to know enough to get
other people's changes from GitHub, push your changes, and keep
everything organized and up to date. This is how PSAS manages its
projects and how you'll be able to interact with the work you're
building on.
  Things you need for the tutorial:
  * Your laptop.
* A GitHub account. (https://github.com/join?source=header-home)
Tait made a repository to act as a tutorial. That will be the basis
for the in-person tutorial. Take a look if you're interested:

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