On 29.05.2016 18:38, Jacqueline Kazil wrote:
> Is there a reason why this https://www.python.org/psf/committees/ &
> https://wiki.python.org/psf/Contents#psf-working-groups exists?
> This page https://wiki.python.org/psf/Contents#psf-working-groups is more
> welcoming to newbies who don't understand how things work.

Only historical reasons. Up until a few months ago, the PSF wiki
was only accessible to PSF members, so the second link was not
public. We subsequently changed the default on the
PSF wiki to readable by everyone (see attached email).

Marc-Andre Lemburg
Python Software Foundation
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Dear Members,

I have now implemented the changes listed below. If you find pages
which should not be open to the general public or ones which should
be, please let me know.

Many PSF wiki pages will now be word readable and editable by
all PSF members with an account. As per the resolution, only
PSF voting members will get an account (it's easy to become voting
member though; see

Please see the front page for additional details:


Marc-Andre Lemburg
Python Software Foundation

On 12.08.2015 18:31, M.-A. Lemburg wrote:
> On 12.08.2015 17:57, Steve Holden wrote:
>> Hi Marc-André,
>>> On Aug 12, 2015, at 3:25 PM, M.-A. Lemburg <m...@python.org> wrote:
>>> The board voted on this some weeks ago and I have now found
>>> some time to go through the various pages on the wiki to
>>> check which pages need to stay closed and which to open up
>>> for reading to everyone.
>>> Since most of the information on the PSF wiki is not confidential
>>> in any way, my idea is to make "readable for everyone" the default
>>> and only protect those few pages which need more confidentiality.
>>> I need some help with identifying the pages which should continue
>>> to be protected.
>>> So far I have identified these:
>>> Board only access (BoardGroup access):
>>> https://wiki.python.org/psf/Board/contact
>>> https://wiki.python.org/psf/BoardAgenda
>>> https://wiki.python.org/psf/Action%20Items
>>> https://wiki.python.org/psf/Board/pending
>>> https://wiki.python.org/psf/Board/psf-community-awards
>>> https://wiki.python.org/psf/Board/frank-willison-award
>>> https://wiki.python.org/psf/Board/distinguished-server-award
>>> https://wiki.python.org/psf/Board/minutes
>>> https://wiki.python.org/psf/Board/templates
>>> Members only access (MembersGroup access):
>>> https://wiki.python.org/psf/Secretary
>>> https://wiki.python.org/psf/Board/welcome
>>> https://wiki.python.org/psf/Board/budget-plans
>>> + board draft proposals: https://wiki.python.org/psf/Board#draft-proposals 
>>> <https://wiki.python.org/psf/Board#draft-proposals>
>> The above is simply a fragment of the Board page, whose heading makes it 
>> appear that it is intended for Board members only. Many of the following 
>> links are also fragments, and obviously you can only protect whole pages.
> With the fragments I'm pointing to sections of pages. All
> pages linked in those sections will be added to the respective
> groups.
>>> + members meeting pages: https://wiki.python.org/psf/Contents#id2
> E.g. the above means: add all these pages to the MembersGroup ...
>     Members Meeting Agenda July 2014
>     Members Meeting Agenda March 2013
>     Members Meeting Agenda July 2012
>     Members Meeting Agenda March 2012
>     Members Meeting Agenda June 2011
>     Members Meeting Agenda March 2011
>     Members Meeting Agenda July 2010
>     Members Meeting Voting Procedure
>     Membership Map March 2013
>     Members Meeting Agenda Template
>>> https://wiki.python.org/psf/PSFInternalFAQ
>>> + staffing pages: https://wiki.python.org/psf/Contents#id6
>>> + member nominations: https://wiki.python.org/psf/Contents#id9
>>> https://wiki.python.org/psf/TrademarksCommittee
>>> + old planning pages: https://wiki.python.org/psf/Contents#id11
>>> + IP pages: https://wiki.python.org/psf/Contents#id15
>>> https://wiki.python.org/psf/Streaming%20PSF%20Members%20meetings (has 
>>> passwords)
>>> + admin pages: https://wiki.python.org/psf/Contents#id18
>>> All other pages would be world-readable.
>>> Please let me know of any other pages which should go under one of
>>> the above groups.
>>> I plan to flip the switch later this week or on the weekend.
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