Hello everybody!

The preliminary Board of Directors winners are:

Van Lindberg
Naomi Ceder
Eric Holscher
Jackie Kazil
Paul Hildebrandt
Lorena Mesa
Thomas Wouters
Kushal Das
Marlene Mhangami
Kenneth Reitz

With Paola Katherine Pacheco and Trey Hunner tied for the 11th seat.
the tie has been broken and the 11th member Board of Directors is Trey

Ewa will contact the new directors with on-boarding information later today.

This year there were 328 votes cast out of 630 potential voters. That
means there was a 52% voter turnout for the election. This is the
highest of any of the elections where I have served as Election

Further, in order for the Bylaws to be approved, we needed more than
51% of those who voted to approve the change. 51% of 328 is just about
168 voters and all bylaws amendments were approved by far more than
that, thus they have all been approved by the membership.

The results are available at:

Ian Cordasco
PSF Election Administrator
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