Aos colegas do e já antevendo a inundação de gente q vai me perguntar sobre o assunto amanhã: esse papo abaixo é pra valer? Qual o nível real de vulnerabilidade do OO.o?

"InfoWorldMike writes "IDG News Service's Robert McMillan reports that researchers at French Ministry of Defense say vulnerabilities with open source office suite may rival those of Microsoft's version. With Microsoft's Office suite now being targeted by hackers, researchers at the French Ministry of Defense say users of the software may be at even greater risk from computer viruses. "The general security of OpenOffice is insufficient," the researchers wrote in a paper entitled In-depth analysis of the viral threats with documents. "This suite is up to now still vulnerable to many potential malware attacks," they wrote. The team has already fixed a software bug discovered by the researchers, and the two groups are in discussions about how to improve the overall security of the software. "The one real flaw in the programming logic has been fixed," said Louis Suarez-Potts, an community manager. "The others are theoretical.""" (fonte:

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