Novel software drives '$100 laptop'
POSTED: 1:22 p.m. EST, January 2, 2007

CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts (AP) -- Forget windows, folders and boxes that
pop up with text. When students in Thailand, Libya and other developing
countries get their $150 computers from the One Laptop Per Child project
in 2007, their experience will be unlike anything on standard PCs.

For most of these children the XO machine, as it's called, likely will
be the first computer they've ever used. Because the students have no
expectations for what PCs should be like, the laptop's creators started
from scratch in designing a user interface they figured would be
intuitive for children.


India's government originally expressed interest but backed out. Even
though Brazil plans to take part, it is hedging its bets by evaluating
$400 "Classmate PCs" from Intel Corp. Brazil's government is a big fan
of open-source software as a cost-saver, but at least in initial tests,
officials have said those Classmate PCs just might run Windows.
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