Dear Beat,

thanks for your description of your experience with pspp on MacOS. As an 
alternative to MacPorts, there is a dmg package which can be installed the 
usual Mac way also for other MacOS versions.


Maybe you and your students could give me a feedback about your experience with 
this package.


> Am 14.10.2016 um 09:08 schrieb Hulliger Beat <>:
> Neither my IT support nor my students were capable to install PSPP through 
> MacPorts. Therefore, I am very grateful for the mpkg packages prepared by 
> Jeremy Lavergne up to OS X 10.8. My alternative suggestion to students with a 
> Mac is to install an Oracle Virtual Box, a Lubuntu Operating system on the 
> Virtual Box and then install PSPP from the appropriate Synaptic Package 
> server. It seems that not all of these servers are fully up to date and I had 
> to add the czech repository. At least on my Windows system it works.
> BTW: Installing PSPP on Windows takes 2 minutes.
> Thanks to the developers and to Jeremy!
> Beat Hulliger
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