Hello all,
I'm currently running Sierra with Protools 12.82 and Flotools 2.30 (I
believe) on a 2015 MBP.
I need to upgrade to High Sierra, Protools 2018.1 and the latest
version of Flotools, but I am not sure of the proper sequence of steps
that I need to follow.
Can I update the OS without sighted assistance?
Can I just update the OS instead of installing from scratch?
Can I install PT 2018 over the top of 12.82?
Should I install Flotools updates without uninstalling previous
version (as it was in the past)?
Thanks for any pointers that you can provide. I need to take care of
this over the weekend if possible, and want to take the least
error-prone approach as possible.
Thanks again, and have a great day.

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