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On Sep 12, 2019, at 6:42 PM, John André Lium-Netland <eml...@a-pro-studio.no> 
> Hi,
> Does anyone have experience with Kontakt 5 or 6 and the libraries from 
> Orchestral Tools like the Berlin series? Does this work well with Pro Tools 
> and VoiceOver?

I don't personally have experience with any of the Orchestral Tools products. 
Typically, Kontakt itself isn't accessible outside of using key switches. One 
can certainly use my macros to do stuff like load and batch resave.

> Are there any differences if you buy such libraries from Orchestral Tools or 
> via Native Instruments? Does anyone use the Kontakt 6 player with Keyboard 
> Maestro for libraries like these?

If Native Instruments sells these products, that usually means there's some NKS 
support. This would be a useful thing to know. However, even NKS support itself 
doesn't guarantee that the developer has mapped the product comprehensively. 
Unfortunately, library plug-ins don't often come with a demo license so it's 
sometimes a bit of a risk. That's where communication with the developer can 
often be critical.
Hope that helps a bit,

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