The single window tabbed interface by Jerome Blanc and Benoit Masson
of Thales might be useful here.
This interface is in the ptII developer tree in $PTII/thales.
The single window interface has not yet been publically released.
To start it up from, run "vergil -single".

The ptII/thales/README says:
> For the single window mode, the principle is to catch the frames
> created on each Tableau and move its container into the main
> TabbedPane.
> In this mode, you can either create classic editors, or navigable
> graph editor where beside the actors library there is a browsable
> model tree (warning : this doesn't work with any state machine actor,
> because there is only a navigable ActorGraphFrame, and there should be
> other navigable Frame for modal models, FSM and interface automation
> actors. This could be solved by merging the NavigableActorGraphFrame
> features into the BasicGraph Frame, but as always we try to develop
> without modifying the original Ptolemy sources.)
> There is a specific effigy for navigable models (single window
> mode). To create this specific effigy, the MoML file should contain a
> property at the top level named "_navigable" (<property
> name=3D"_navigable" />). It is created automatically for each new
> navigable graph editor (new menu), and could be added on existing
> models.
So, perhaps this code could be used as the basis of an applet that
would allow traversal of the model?

The other thing I was working on was extending the applet code
generator so that it would generate a Web Start setup that would 
consist of only the classes necessary to run the model. 
This work is still in progress.


Professor Lee wrote:
    At 05:00 PM 2/18/2004 -0800, Efrat Jaeger wrote:
    >A different question is about applets. When I create an applet out of a 
    >model that contains a composite entity, is it possible to look inside the 
    >composite entity from within the applet? (for presenting and running the 
    >workflow on a web page).
    This has been on the "to do" list for some time... But
    it's not entirely clear what it should do...  replace the
    current image in the web page?  Open a window?  Go to a new
    page?  I'm inclined to think it should go to a new page,
    so the back button takes you back...

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