Thanks all for the helpful response. I'm going to look further into this and
will notify you of my progress.



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> The single window tabbed interface by Jerome Blanc and Benoit Masson
> of Thales might be useful here.
> This interface is in the ptII developer tree in $PTII/thales.
> The single window interface has not yet been publically released.
> To start it up from, run "vergil -single".
> The ptII/thales/README says:
> > For the single window mode, the principle is to catch the frames
> > created on each Tableau and move its container into the main
> > TabbedPane.
> >
> > In this mode, you can either create classic editors, or navigable
> > graph editor where beside the actors library there is a browsable
> > model tree (warning : this doesn't work with any state machine actor,
> > because there is only a navigable ActorGraphFrame, and there should be
> > other navigable Frame for modal models, FSM and interface automation
> > actors. This could be solved by merging the NavigableActorGraphFrame
> > features into the BasicGraph Frame, but as always we try to develop
> > without modifying the original Ptolemy sources.)
> >
> > There is a specific effigy for navigable models (single window
> > mode). To create this specific effigy, the MoML file should contain a
> > property at the top level named "_navigable" (<property
> > name=3D"_navigable" />). It is created automatically for each new
> > navigable graph editor (new menu), and could be added on existing
> > models.
> So, perhaps this code could be used as the basis of an applet that
> would allow traversal of the model?
> The other thing I was working on was extending the applet code
> generator so that it would generate a Web Start setup that would
> consist of only the classes necessary to run the model.
> This work is still in progress.
> -Christopher
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> Professor Lee wrote:
>     At 05:00 PM 2/18/2004 -0800, Efrat Jaeger wrote:
>     >A different question is about applets. When I create an applet out of
>     >model that contains a composite entity, is it possible to look inside
>     >composite entity from within the applet? (for presenting and running
>     >workflow on a web page).
>     This has been on the "to do" list for some time... But
>     it's not entirely clear what it should do...  replace the
>     current image in the web page?  Open a window?  Go to a new
>     page?  I'm inclined to think it should go to a new page,
>     so the back button takes you back...
>     Edward
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