Thank you, it is very useful information for me. And in fact you've
answered my previous letter question :)

Only one question remain obscure for me, why this model - - works
deterministically ? At least all times I run this model, it's
behaviour was deterministic.

Thank you for help.

Petrov Alexander

2007/12/23, Edward A. Lee <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> I can't quite parse the question, since all the text is run together
> in one big block, but it might be answered by
> just explaining how the rendezvous domain works. Any time an actor
> reads from an input port, it blocks until a rendezvous occurs.
> Non-domain-specific actors will always read from input ports in
> some order, depending on how they are written. Domain-specific
> actors (such as the merge actor that I used) can use more elaborate
> capabilities to indicate a willingness to rendezvous with any of
> several inputs.
> Edward

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