Hi All,
I've updated my ptII maven conversion to work up to revision 50157, and also
made a few changes to how my actor.io prototype is built.

Rather than being a separate branch of ptII i've now made it an extension
which uses my maven build of ptII, which i hope will help to sell both the
ideas. It should be relatively easy to build kepler in the same way.

the maven conversion details are at
The README.txt details how to preform the conversion yourself (note that if
you're using a revision other than 50157 you may have problems). I've also
started a ptII-maven-presentation.ppt to outline my experience (take a look
at the compile time differences in the Demo slide).

the actor.io extension is here:
The README.txt file contains instructions. There is also an
actor-io-presentation.ppt file which is a draft presentation to try sell the

the SWT example I did has also been updated to use the actor.io extension.
This can be used as an entry point and doesn't require you to manually
download all the previous packages to make it work.


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