On Fri, Oct 13, 2017 at 01:53:13PM +0200, Alexander Dahl wrote:
> I'm currently investigating a minor annoying issue. 
> For our BSP we set PTXCONF_PLATFORM to something like 'at91foo'. Recently we 
> added some kernel patches (we didn't have those before when using a pure 
> vanilla kernel, this is no option anymore) and we put those to $
> (PTXDIST_WORKSPACE)/patches (where our other patches are) and created a file 
> 'linux-4.9.47/series.at91foo' in the subdirectory matching the currently used 
> kernel version. This works so far, build is successful, image is created and 
> runs on target.
> To those patches: we track our patches in a separate Git repository and use 
> it 
> as a Git submodule in more than one BSP, not below the 
> PTXDIST_PLATFORMCONFIGDIR (where the platform specific linux patches maybe 
> should go), but below PTXDIST_WORKSPACE, because it's a shared patches folder 
> anyway. Maybe also not the best decision, but it's like that currently.
> The linux kernel patch stack was created with 'git ptx-patches', but on a 
> clean build I deactivated PTXCONF_SETUP_PATCHIN_GIT so patches are applied 
> without git, this saves quite some time on extract stage.
> Now after a `ptxdist clean` and a `ptxdist prepare kernel` a new 'series' 
> file 
> appears in $(PTXDIST_WORKSPACE)/patches/linux-4.9.47 and it's only named 
> 'series' and put besides the already present 'series.at91foo' which is 
> tracked 
> in Git. In the patches folder Git lists this as untracked file. In the parent 
> folder, which is PTXDIST_WORKSPACE aka the BSP using the patches folder as a 
> Git submodule and tracked in a different Git repo, on `git status` I see this:
>       modified:   patches (untracked content)
> And with `git describe --tags --dirty` this:
>       v2017.03.0-275-gd8e18cb-dirty
> We use this somewhere in our firmware. Now on a clean build, we must abort in 
> between, remove this additional series file, and proceed the build to get a 
> clean version string without '-dirty' added. :-(
> From my intuition I would say ptxdist should not create this additional 
> series 
> file, or delete it again, if it's just temporary. I tried to find the spot in 
> ptxdist sources, but up to now with no luck.
> Is this a bug in ptxdist? Should we organize our BSPs and patches somehow 
> different to not run into this? Are there any other possibilities or 
> suggestions? This behaviour is problematic for fully automatic builds. :-/

The only place ptxdist creates a series file, is, when it cannot find one
(This is in scripts/lib/ptxd_make_world_patchin.sh line 282). In that case,
you should see a warning, when it is created. Maybe PTXCONF_KERNEL_SERIES
is not set correctly?


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