(What I didn't mention before: the BSP is on ptxdist 2017.09.0.)

Am Montag, 16. Oktober 2017, 14:40:51 CEST schrieb Michael Olbrich:
> The only place ptxdist creates a series file, is, when it cannot find one
> (This is in scripts/lib/ptxd_make_world_patchin.sh line 282). In that case,
> you should see a warning, when it is created. Maybe PTXCONF_KERNEL_SERIES
> is not set correctly?

This is set to: series${PTXDIST_PLATFORMSUFFIX}


        $ p print PTXCONF_KERNEL_SERIES 
        $ ls -l patches/linux-4.9.47/series.at91foo 
        -rw-r--r-- 1 adahl adahl 18229 Sep 29 11:33 patches/linux-4.9.47/

If I just drop the kernel prepare stage and execute it again, this 'series' 
file is not created.

But, what I found, after you mentioned this warning, which should come:

        target: kernel-header.extract

        extract: pkg_src=/home/adahl/[…]/linux-4.9.47.tar.xz
        extract: pkg_extract_dir=XXX/platform-at91foo/build-target/kernel-
        ptxdist: error: series file for 'XXX/patches/linux-4.9.47' is missing

There's no option to the set the series file for the kernel header package, 
like for the kernel package.

As a workaround: I looked which selects the kernel-header package here and it 
seems it is only oprofile, which I only need for debugging. So for now I 
deactivate the kernel header package, which circumvents my initial problem, 
this also saves quite some build time. :-)

Would still be interesting to look, why the kernel-header package ignores the 
right series file somehow, and creates a new one which applies the same 


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