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> Hello Jon,
> Am Mittwoch, 25. Oktober 2017, 09:16:29 CEST schrieb jon.b...@gd-ms.uk:
>> Can anyone give me some guidelines as to how you could go about
>> building perf (held with the kernel sources) under ptxdist. In
>> particular, I need it to pick up libelf for enabling userspace tracing on 
>> target.
> Go to menuconfig --> Core (libc, locales) --> kernel tools --> perf
> It should just work activating and using it on target, if you set the
> right kernel config options.
I don't have that option in the version of ptxdist I'm using (2016-04) so I'm 
guessing this is a fairly new option then? Either way, that's helpful because I 
can probably just lift the necessary scripts etc. into my existing version or 
do an upgrade.

> (It doesn't work on my target though, I asked about it on IRC lately,
> but got no help. On a at91sam9g20 SoC with 32 MB of RAM leads to perf
> segfaulting on start, and strace leads me to the assumption there's not 
> enough memory.
> :-/ )
I have a little more RAM on my target board than that so hopefully I won't run 
into that problem.



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