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In fact, I proposed on the WebApps WG charter to add this deliverable. However, the Advisory Committee's review of the charter indicated that the Membership wants this to happen in a dedicated Geolocation API WG.

The W3C intends to follow through on that, and to allocate Team resources to this valuable technology. We will announce something formal soon.
I could not find record of any such objection in the Advisory Committee mailing list archives, or any record of an official W3C decision on this point. As Team contact, could you please explain who made this decision and on what basis?

In which case I presume that someone used their ability to reply to the Team privately instead of being open about what they wanted. This disturbs me a little since it increases the resources and coordination required, IMHO, to do what is a pretty simple piece of work.

For the record, Opera would also like to see the geolocation work take place inside the webAPI group and is unhappy that it has been removed from the proposed charter for Web Apps.



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