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I could not find record of any such objection in the Advisory Committee mailing list archives, or any record of an official W3C decision on this point. As Team contact, could you please explain who made this decision and on what basis?

In which case I presume that someone used their ability to reply to the Team privately instead of being open about what they wanted. This disturbs me a little since it increases the resources and coordination required, IMHO, to do what is a pretty simple piece of work.

I think you may be overstating how simple this is, for what it's worth. Exposing coordinates sounds simple, sure... but the security and privacy implications are stickier, as is the legal landscape (both in terms of privacy laws and of IPR).

I think this group is doing a lot of work which involves privacy issues, with more specs concerning them coming, so dealing with those would be no new task.

Dealing with IPR issues would be something we haven't done though. Though given todays patent law, it seems like something that we likely have to deal with sooner or later no matter what.

The big missing piece would be geolocation itself I would say :)

All in all I would be in favor of doing that spec in this WG.

/ Jonas

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