Robin Berjon wrote:
On Nov 18, 2009, at 13:13 , Julian Reschke wrote:
Robin Berjon wrote:
Couldn't we just register a URN NID for this? It seems that one has to go 
through fewer hurdles, and no matter how transient I believe that it's a useful 
thing to identify.
Yes, that's possible and probably would cause less eyebrows being raised...

It also doesn't seem like a lot of work, registration doesn't require 
specifying the behaviour of the beast (which we'd leave where it is today). We 
could take the urn:transient-data NID, or urn:data-handle (whichever way the 
bike is shed today) and toss a UUID at the end of it; then declare victory.

If you go that way I'd recommend a UUID + a user-defined suffix; this allows implementations to generate less UUIDs; for instance a single one per session plus a sequence number.

BR, Julian

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