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> On Friday, 29 April 2011, Jonas Sicking <jo...@sicking.cc> wrote:
>> On Fri, Apr 29, 2011 at 11:16 AM, Pablo Castro
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>>> We've had quite a bit of debate on this but I don't think we've reached 
>>> closure. At this point I would be fine with either one of a) postpone to v2 
>>> and agree that for now we'll just do binary collation everywhere or b) the 
>>> last form of the proposal sent around: extra "collation" argument 
>>> (following BCP47 plus whatever the UA wants to allow) in 
>>> createObjectStore/createIndex, plus a collation property to interrogate it; 
>>> no way to change the collation of a store/index once created.
>>> Given that this turned out to be a more elaborate topic than I had 
>>> originally expected and that it doesn't seem to have a lot of traction 
>>> right now, my preference would be to postpone to v2. Thoughts? Once we make 
>>> a call I'll make sure the spec reflects it.
>> I'd be fine with postponing it. However I don't think that the counter
>> proposals that we've received will work, so I don't think that there
>> is a reason to postpone.
>> / Jonas
> As long as we have a binary mode I am happy. If it is to support other
> collations, then all browsers must support the same set of options.
> The question then becomes what set of collation modes to standardise
> on? Allowing non standard collations will result in apps that will
> only run correctly on one browser, and that does not seem a good idea
> to me.

I agree that we will eventually want to standardize the set of allowed
collations. Similarly to how we'll want to standardize on one set of
charset encodings supported. However I don't think we, in this spec
community, have enough experience to come up with a good such set. So
it's something that I think we should postpone for now. As I
understand it there is work going on in this area in other groups, so
hopefully we can lean on that work eventually.

Of course, we still do need to have a standardized vocabulary for the
collations though.

/ Jonas

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