On Tue, Jun 19, 2012 at 1:52 PM, Olli Pettay <olli.pet...@helsinki.fi>wrote:
>   Ojan points out
>> that simply using end-of-task could expose low-level implementation
>> detail of the parser to script (such as how much parsing is done in a
>> single task
>> before the parser yields).
>> Does Firefox do anything special here? Or does it simply use the same
>> end-of-task delivery as everywhere else?
> end-of-microtask or end-of-task everywhere. And yes, some parsing /
> networking details may unfortunately be exposed, but in a way which should
> be quite random. Web devs just can't really rely on network packages to be
> delivered to parser in some exact way.

That randomness seems undesirable. Can we delay the delivery until
DOMContentLoaded is fired so that we can have more consisnte behavior here?

- Ryosuke

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